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Full article from “Growing Produce” by Christina Herrick found here. Succession planning can be a fearful topic for any business — addressing an exit from a viable operation while ensuring the future of it. Whether you are just taking over a farm or a seasoned member of the agriculture community, a succession plan is a necessary evil. Read More »

By: Meaghan Malinowski, MidAtlantic Farm Credit When it comes to livestock, there are quite a few different places available for you to purchase animals for your farm. Each place, however, comes with its own pros and cons. Like any other livestock animal, goats being used for production or even 4-H projects should be properly examined. Read More »

By: Meaghan Malinowski, MidAtlantic Farm Credit So, you’re thinking about purchasing a goat or two. Have you decided what you’ll be using the goat for? In America, goats in agriculture are on the rise as they provide milk that can also be made into cheese, fibers like cashmere and mohair, and lean meat cuts. But what. Read More »

By: Meaghan Malinowski, MidAtlantic Farm Credit Versatile, hardy and absolutely adorable; goats are becoming an extremely popular animal in the United States as livestock animals on farms and as pets. Originally domesticated and herded about 9,000 years ago, goats served (and still serve) the purpose of providing products including: milk, fiber and meat. Just like. Read More »

Farm Credit customers know how to work with loan officers on their credit needs, but the next generation coming along may not have the same knowledge. If you know someone who is looking to become a borrower, please share this blog with them – it may be your children or worker’s who will become your. Read More »

During the cold winter months, keeping warm is crucial for yourself, your pets and livestock and also your equipment. It is a good idea to make a checklist of the eight items below to evaluate on each piece of machinery. Use the owner’s manual as a starting point, but a personalized list will be helpful to look back. Read More »

When record cold, with ice and snow hit, animal owners should be aware and ready to protect their pets and livestock and do the proper things to help them through this unusual cold spell.  Following are a number of concerns and recommendations: Hypothermia and dehydration are the two most probable life-threatening conditions for animals in. Read More »

If the first 5 ways to boost your immune system isn’t enough, check out these tips, as well.  Then, leave your ideas in the comments section…we can never be too cautious, right? 6. Cook nutrient rich dinners. Use a wide variety of vegetables such as sweet potatoes, cabbage and carrots to make soups, stews and. Read More »

It’s no fun being sick, especially doing the cold winter months. Here are 10 simple ways to alter your lifestyle to stay more cold and flu resistant this winter: Get plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation takes its toll on the immune system because your cells regenerate while you rest. Try to go to bed at. Read More »

Land ownership is the first step in succession planning! While this appears to be a simple statement, the misinterpretation of who owns land is one of the most vexing issues in the easement program. It goes without saying that in order to effect an easement on a property, only the rightful owner can make this. Read More »