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By: Meaghan Malinowski, MidAtlantic Farm Credit As we’ve already mentioned how awesome CSAs are in our previous post, “What is a CSA?” , now we need to fill you in on some of the risks of investing in a CSA as well. Anyone familiar with farming knows that it’s not an easy job by any. Read More »

The United States Department of Agriculture has launched a newly designed and optimized website specifically for new and beginning farmers. Since American agriculture is so diverse, new and beginning farmers are growing traditional crops and new varieties, as well as organic produce heirloom products. They also are focused on row crop farms, employing cutting edge. Read More »

By: Meaghan Malinowski, MidAtlantic Farm Credit When greenhouse growing first began in the 13th century, it served as a way to appease royalty’s nutritional demands, house foreign tropical plants for study, and grow medicinal plants. Commonly found among the wealthy class citizens, eventually the science of greenhouse growing expanded to universities where research could be. Read More »

Getting Prepared A checklist of items will be provided to you prior to completing the mortgage application. Gathering the items upfront will help the process go more smoothly. The list includes verification of income, assets, liabilities, taxes, and insurance as well as other items that may pertain to your particular situation. The Application You will. Read More »

Take a deep breath. Let us help you find the perfect home in the country – with Farm Credit’s Country Mortgages program. Farm Credit has been lending money for homes and farms for over 97 years. We’re the experts in rural financing and we can help you make your dreams of living in the tranquil. Read More »

By: Meaghan Malinowski, MidAtlantic Farm Credit Just as it is important to test your livestock for disease, it is also in your best interest as a farmer to test your soil before fertilizing and planting your crops. On the surface, one soil sample can look similar to another, leading one to believe that they contain. Read More »

By: Meaghan Malinowski, MidAtlantic Farm Credit When it comes to your family’s weekly menu, they deserve the best of the best. Joining a Community Supported Agriculture operation may be the “best of the best” you’ve been searching for. Depending on your area, you may have quite the variety to choose from when it comes to. Read More »

“What is patronage?” That is a common question that we as cooperative lenders get asked often when we tell our potential members that by lending with us they could receive patronage distributions. We’re honest – it is a little confusing, but we’re here to help explain it as simple as possible: A patronage refund is. Read More »

By: Meaghan Malinowski, MidAtlantic Farm Credit Any farmer will tell you, there’s nothing better tasting than produce grown fresh from the farm. There has been a recent shift in society and what values they place on the produce they purchase: more consumers are beginning to demand not only exceptional quality, but exceptionally ethical production practices. Read More »

Remember that even seemingly harmless decisions you make during your loan application process can have a dramatic impact on your loan request. Please be aware that we need to re-verify all aspects of your loan application right up to the day of your loan closing. To help make the process go as smoothly as possible, here are. Read More »