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It’s a commonly asked question – but really, what is leadership?  Is it being a boss or manager? Is it helping a friend with a problem? Is it “taking one for the team?” The answer is…yes, yes, and yes!   Leadership comes in many different forms and there is no right or wrong way to. Read More »

When is the last time you were in a public place and did NOT hear someone talking on a cell phone? Whether you are in the grocery store, at the mall, in a restaurant or out for a quiet walk in the park, you’ll probably meet someone talking on a cell phone.   While cell. Read More »

How well do you know your key farm financial terms? We bet you know them better then you think you do and will have no problem unscrambling these words!  Give it a try and then scroll down for the answers and definitions.   TNE MARF CIONME TRFPOI SCSOT CMORAAEIVPT NAAYLSSI SCHA OWFL Scroll down to. Read More »

You are sitting in the stadium, eating a hot dog and popcorn, the score is tied and your favorite team just got first and ten.  You guessed it and we all love it…it’s America’s game and a Sunday afternoon tradition – it’s football time!   Now, if you are involved in agriculture, that football field,. Read More »

Welcome to the third and final segment of our “Preparing for Your Lender” mini-series!  We how that you have enjoyed the series, and please provide us with any feedback you may have in the comments section. Now, everyone always wonders about what major mistakes or situations to avoid when dealing with a lender.  If you are. Read More »

Welcome back!  Yesterday we talked about ways to assess your lender when deciding whether or not they are the correct fit for you.  As for today, here is a list of characteristics your lender uses to assess you: 1. Financial Information & Documentation Balance sheet Income statement Cash flow projections 2. Written Business Plan 3.. Read More »

The borrower-lender relationship is a two-land road, and both parties have mutual goals.  Both want to ensure the long-term viability of their businesses and have high expectations for one another.  When preparing to work with a lender, you should rate the lender based on the following characteristics: 1. Skills & Qualities Stake in your industry?. Read More »

Credit scores can be confusing…really confusing, for sure.  Typical questions we receive from customers include, “What is my score?” “How do I increase it?” “Where does the credit score come from?” and “What does it mean for my chances of receiving a loan?” and many others.  More specifically, today we will be looking at how. Read More »

What makes an animal a “nuisance?” The truth is most animals never even come close to people.  In fact, many people enjoying seeing such animals and believe that having them nearby adds to the value of their land.  But animals such as deer, raccoons, foxes, and skunks often get labeled as a wildlife nuisance due. Read More »

At the core of any successful business is a solid marketing plan.  This holds true for any agriculture business, too.  While the specific strategies of farms may be significantly different – some direct marketing to consumers and others selling a commodity product – all producers need to understand how sound marketing decisions are made.  . Read More »