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Because we’re a cooperative, that means our members are owners. And therefore, they are able to help guide the association by serving on our board of directors or the nominating committee. The nominating committee helps identify qualified and willing candidates to run for election to the board of directors the following year. This year’s voting. Read More »

“What is patronage?” That is a common question that we as cooperative lenders get asked often when we tell our potential members that by lending with us they could receive patronage distributions. We’re honest – it is a little confusing, but we’re here to help explain it as simple as possible: A patronage refund is. Read More »

By: Meaghan Malinowski, MidAtlantic Farm Credit Any farmer will tell you, there’s nothing better tasting than produce grown fresh from the farm. There has been a recent shift in society and what values they place on the produce they purchase: more consumers are beginning to demand not only exceptional quality, but exceptionally ethical production practices. Read More »

Farm Credit System institutions and the local food movement have a bright future together, Dr. Jill Long Thompson, Board Chair and CEO of the Farm Credit Administration, said last month. “I believe that the Farm Credit System and members of the local food movement have an exciting future,” Dr. Long Thompson said. “Working together, you. Read More »

MidAtlantic Farm Credit, a members-owned cooperative and an institution of the national Farm Credit System, recently published their 2013 annual report. This publication celebrates 97 years of serving agriculture. The report also discloses 2013 financial information. MidAtlantic Farm Credit’s net income, which increased from $51.7 million in 2012 to $68.0 million in 2013, was a. Read More »

In the spirit of our 2014 annual meeting theme, “lending a hand”, we’d like to give a hand to our over 1,500 members and guests who attended one of our five meetings over the past two weeks! Each meeting included a great meal, fellowship with other guests, remarks from our CFO John Wheeler and CEO. Read More »

As technology grows more advanced every day in the ag industry, operations need to decide whether to invest in staying a step ahead of the game or risk falling behind. Bowman Fruit Sales in Timberville, Virginia, have chosen to stay competitive in the orchard business by implementing tons of new technology while still preserving the. Read More »

Westminster, MD – MidAtlantic Farm Credit has selected the students who will receive a combined total of $18,500 in college scholarships. The recipients are located throughout the five regions MidAtlantic Farm Credit serves. This year’s scholarship recipients are: Morgan Alexander of Berryville, Virginia (daughter of Chuck and Linda Alexander); Allyson Balmer of Manheim, Pennsylvania (daughter of. Read More »

With the average dairy herd size being around 100 cows, the Jones family’s herd of about 2,650 presents their operation not only with greater challenges than normal but even greater rewards. The family manages their herd on a 2,000 acre farm, using an ample amount of acreage to grow forage for the herd, mix and. Read More »

When technology seems to be one of the most rapidly changing aspects of a business, even in the ag industry, it is important for those dreaming of owning their own ag business to be trained in multiple forms of technology. At Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, students and faculty focus on enhancing their in-class. Read More »