Bob Frazee Meets With Citizenship Washington Focus Students

4-H, bob frazee

Last week, CEO Bob Frazee went to the Capitol to give Congress a briefing on the credit climate in rural America. After his testimony, he got a note from Congressman Peterson’s staff—there were some VIP’s who wanted to meet him! Bob was happy to meet these students from South Carolina State, part of a CWF (Citizenship Washington Focus) delegation learning about our legislative process first hand. The students were visiting Washington as part of a grant from Farm Credit—and when they heard that someone from Farm Credit was testifying, they wanted to meet him and thank him personally! Bob said it isn’t often that a regular person gets to feel like a celebrity—but it was a great opportunity to meet some of the students that our sponsorships support. Hope to see some of THEM in Congress someday!

To learn more about the Citizen Washington Focus (CWF) program held at the National 4-H Center that is sponsored by Farm Credit through the National Contributions Program, check out this blog on the AGgregator, “From the Field: 2014 Citizen Washington Focus“.


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