The Biostar: What it means to me

By: Muriel Palanca, marketing specialist

biostarAs a new member of the MidAtlantic Farm Credit marketing team, I was greeted with warm smiles and a very special welcome present. I was given a BioStar logo pin which I plan to wear proudly.

It serves as a symbol to our members (and to me) of who we are and what we offer: We are a strong, unified, national credit system ready to meet the challenges of a changing and competitive financial industry.

The BioStar is a living symbol of progress and commitment consisting of five visual elements- three leaves, a root system and a star.biostar

The three leaves represent the three types of lending done by the Farm Credit System: long-term real estate, short-term operating and cooperative financing.

I’ll be honest, I have a very rudimentary understanding of finance which should make me panic since it’s the bread and butter of the company I am now working for. Personally, I think navigating anything to do with finances can be frustrating, intimidating and complicated, especially if one does not have a background in the subject or if there is a lot at stake.  But instead of melting into a puddle of shame, I see this as a grand opportunity to learn something new, and THAT is very exciting!

The roots represent our member-borrowers.

These are the people I want to do my best for because they deserve it. They are hard-working people who trust me to take care of them and I want to do my part to make sure they get a good return on their investment.

For me, the roots also represent everyone on the MidAtlantic team. We strive to provide a foundation of diligence, teamwork and empathy so our members can flourish. I’m so blessed to have such a good team behind me!

The star represents light and direction.

While I’ve had experiences in marketing there is still so much I haven’t done and some aspects I don’t even know.  By working with MidAtlantic, I feel safe knowing that I have a team to shine more light on the things I may not understand and to direct me so I can take steps to be the best I can be.

What does the biostar mean to you? Comment below and tell me!

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