Ag Progress Days: Where There’s Something For Everyone

By: Muriel Palanca, marketing specialist


For an event that’s been going on for over 100 years, Ag Progress Days remains a wonderful event for farmers and families alike. It’s a delightful combination of business convention and state fair.

Nearly 500 exhibitors come from all around to display the latest equipment, technology, goods and services driving the agricultural industry. All of this is accompanied with a festive atmosphere to add a little fun to the experience.

There are barns buzzing with informational booths and rows of huge combines and tractors. If all this new technology is a little overwhelming, you can step back in time at the Pasto Agricultural Museum and see farming equipment that was powered manually. You might even get a work out!

There are educational seminars on different parts of the industry. You can learn some valuable techniques on how to train a horse or the pros and cons of implementing solar power into your operation.

ag progress days

Maple isn’t just for sweetening up your pancakes anymore…

And after that, you can wash down all that information with a maple milkshake and fried mushrooms!

Throughout the event, Farm Credit left its mark by greeting guests with a warm smile and informing them of financial services we provide that would best suit their needs. Our members become our family and we want to do everything in our power to help them succeed.

So if you didn’t get to meet us and see what we’re about, we hope you don’t wait till next year’s Ag Progress Days to find out!


ag progress days

We love meeting new people to add to the Farm Credit family!


  • Informative & Really interesting! Thank you for sharing!

  • Informative & Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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