5 Tips to Stretch Your Grocery Dollars

Eating healthy and saving money are two important things to most of us, but they don’t always seem to go hand in hand.  We believe that planning ahead is the key to serving a nutritious meal and not emptying your wallet each trip to the grocery store.

Consider these tips to stretch your grocery dollars and eat healthier:

  1. Know your food budget and shop with a list.
  2. Plan nutritious meals and snacks to prepare at home.
  3. Use nutrition facts labels to make informed food choices.
  4. Reduce impulse purchases by not shopping when hungry.
  5. Serve recommended portion sizes to save calories and money.

You probably have money saving and healthy eating tips that you use every day, in addition to our list, that help you stretch your food dollar.  Please, feel free to share them below in the comments section!

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