10 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

new year's resolutionNow that we have entered 2014, this is the time to make resolutions for the new year. But, let’s be honest…how many years have you actually kept your new year’s resolution? Most likely, none (or maybe a couple). Therefore, instead of vowing to lose 25 pounds, work out 5 days per week, give up something you enjoy, or travel the world (which are all great things, too), try to focus on something simple and more realistic.  Here are 10 new year’s resolutions that you can actually keep:

  1. Be “screen free” at lunch. Instead of eating lunch at work glued to your computer screen, cell phone or tablet, give your eyes and mind a break! Go to the lunch room and enjoy the company of your co-workers, take a brisk walk, or simply close your eyes for a few minutes and rest. This time will help you recharge for the rest of the day, plus help you escape the screens that surround your life.
  2. Keep in touch. Use the time you travel to and from work, at least once per week, to call (hands free, of course!) and touch base with a friend, your mom, sister, or someone you need to catch up with.
  3. Free your inbox from clutter. Unsubscribe from emails from stores, mass marketing companies, advertising from your cable service or bank, or anything else that is deemed unnecessary.  This will keep you more focused at work and you’ll spend less time “sorting through your emails”.
  4. Eat healthy. Yes, we know this one is hard to keep.  But just start with something simple. For example, only eat one type of fried food per day. Or have an apple or banana for breakfast every morning. If you are conquering these goals, then you can step it up.
  5. Embrace social media. If you are still one of those people who “hates” social media, it’s time to embrace it for the new year. Despite what you’re hoping – it’s not going away! It’s a great way to catch up with friends and family, hear breaking news, or learn something. You don’t have to blast your personal life, if that is a concern, just take the time to learn what it’s all about.
  6. Drink more water. Replace one of your morning cups of coffee with a cup of water (even put it in your mug if that makes you feel better!). Or if you can’t part with your coffee, drink water during lunch or dinner instead of tea or soda. Add fruit to change the taste up a bit.
  7. Use coupons. You don’t have to be a coupon master to help yourself save a little money. And it doesn’t have to take hours to cut them – glance through the Sunday paper for a few minutes and only cut ones that you know you will use. Or if you are looking for something specific, search for it on the internet. You may be surprised what companies put online!
  8. Tip generously. Every other time that you go out to eat, add a couple extra dollars to the tip you would normally leave for your waiter or waitress. This will make you feel better inside and they will be very gracious for your generosity.
  9. Learn one new thing. The internet is a wonderful thing. Every morning or on your lunch break, google something random and read about. You may be surprised how often knowing little fun facts can come in handy!
  10. Try new recipes. Once a week, try a recipe you’ve never made or eaten before. There are tons of ideas on the internet. And if you’re not the cook of the house, print off something you may be interested in eating and share it with the person who cooks!

Comment below and let us know what new year’s resolutions you are making this year, or if any of the ones on our list have made it upon yours, too!

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